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साइकल मैत्री शहर, हामी सबैको रहर 

“Come Join us and Raise your voice for better Cycling infrastructures.”

Date: 06, April, 2012 (Friday)|Time: 09:00 am|Venue: Khulla Mancha

Why Mega Cycle Rally?

“Demanding cycle inclusive urban planning and development”

To ensure safety of cycle users and their rights for safer mobility, we are organizing a mass cycle rally to draw attention and pressurize concerned governmental authorities to build dedicated cycle lanes throughout city. This is also being organized in the meantime government is widening the existing road networks and opening new ones supposedly to reduce traffic congestion.

Why Cycle Lanes?

“Quality bicycle infrastructure is evidence of democracy: it shows that a citizen on a bicycle is equally important as one in an expensive car”- Enrique Penalosa (Former Mayor of Bogota)

Thousands of people commute daily in cycle in Kathmandu Valley. However, lack of dedicated cycle lanes and other basic infrastructures, the streets are very unsafe for cycle users, and thus discouraging people opting cycle for their daily mobility. The urban transport planning and development is vehicle centric rather than people centric. To be noted, the non-motorised transport users (pedestrians and cycle users) are the largest group to be killed in road accidents.

What in the rally?

  • Biggest Cycle Rally
  • A petition letter will be handed to concerned and related agencies demanding for dedicated cycle lanes throughout the city
  • The rally will collect funds to hand Prime Minister a cycle and urgefor cycle inclusive planning.

Mega Cycle Rally for Cycle lane

Proposed Route for Cycle Rally: (Khula manch) > Exhibition road > (Metropolitan Traffic Police Office, Kathmandu) > Kumari Galli> (Valley town development )> (singha durbar east gtate)> Hanuman sthan> through the bank of river > (Dept. of Road)> Maiti ghar> Thapathali> Tripureshwor> (Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)> New road >(Basantapur)

Proposed Cycle Rally Route

Please be there, if you are keen cyclists, if you cycle to work/schools, if you cycle for fun …if you want healthy and livable city for you and your children!

Please be there! Bring your friends and families!! Join hundreds other cycle users!!! Lets show them that there is real need and demand for cycle lanes…

An Initiative of: Kathmandu Cycle City 2020, Clean Energy Nepal, Clean Air Network Nepal, Nepal Cycling Association, Come on Youth Stand Up, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action, World Cyclists Foundation, Rotaract Club of Kathmandu, Nepal Unites, ………. All cycle lovers and cycle users who have envision this place a cycle friendly city.

For more information:

Shail Shrestha: 9803276895, Prashanta Khanal: 4464981, 9841401236, Sramdip Purkot: 9803385687, Samriddhi Dhakal: 9841808527