Mount Bromo in pictures

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mount Bromo (2,329 m) sits inside the massive Tengger caldera of approximately 10 Km of diameter, probably the most magnificent and easily accessible volcanic mountain in Indonesia.  The continuous spewing of large volcanic ash and sulfurous smoke, and formation of large sea of sand from the fine volcanic ash make it very breathtakingly picturesque.  You can hear loud grumbling sound of the crater, if lucky enough to see crater spewing rocks and deep hollow crater when not spewing gases/ashes.

Early morning, Mount Bromo seems little calmer… surrounded by clouds of fog

Mount Bromo glowing on first rays of Sun

Blown off top and crater spewing (View from Penanjakan view point 2)

View of deep crater (who knows how deep is it.....)

Cemara Lawang village (a small tenger- hindu community) resides on the northeastern edge of of caldera

Sea of Sand (Laut Pasir) of fine volcanic ash (view from rim of crater)

Visitors climbing up to the rim of crater

Poten- Tenggerese Hindu Temple, Mount Bromo in background

Lord Ganesha and Mount Bromo in background

Poten in Sea of sand and atmospheric layer of volcanic ash (view from crater rim)

Tenger land seems very productive despite the volcanic ash...Onion, potato, cabbage are the major crops grown

  1. Beutiful place and wonderful photography ! Would like to visit Mount Bromo sometimes in the future..!!! For now your photographs serve my desire.

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