Sukarma Vibes Messaging Warming Of Earth and Changing Climate

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Sukarma, redefining nepali folks and classical music

Sukarma, redefining nepali folks and classical music

Sukarma , redefining  Nepali folk  and classical music,  enthralled the audience with their vibes this Friday. February 27 in Rastriya Nachghar.
Amidst of the large audience Sukarma, Ritu Shrawan (King of season) performed their classical vibes merging with folk tunes and jazz. The theme of the performance reflects the emotions and feelings in spring season (Ritu Shrawan).
The first classical vibes was played in the theme Prabhati which capture the feelings and emotions before sunrise. This performance echoed the conflict in music Prabhati due to warming of earth and climate change.  Besides entertaining audience with their vibes, redefining Nepali folk and classical music, their music also had messages on global warming and climate change.
Along with Sukarma, Dhrubesh in Sitar, Shyam in Sarangi and Pramod in Tabla, blending with saxophone with Mariano, guitar with Hari, piano with Jan and flute with Umesh sounded quite appealing on their fusion.
The second tune was played in theme of peace and was followed by eastern bridge. The next vibes combines with Mariano and Han playing the stuggle of human life from birth to death followed by power of Sitar with spirit. Finally the team played Raagh bhairav combining with Nepali folk.
I liked the tunes of Sukarma and had chance attending the performance of Sukarma for the first time. The most promising I found was Sukarma was aware of the threats imposed by climate change and global warming.

  1. Amita says:

    Going well, thats the thing …
    catching and hitting the bulls eye..
    Very well defined indeed !!
    Music going together with our efforts fo’ the Climate Change.

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